Fourteen Latches of Heaven and Earth

(September 2020)

cafeOTO · TR072 - Derek Baron - Mach's Proof Of Asymmetry (1871)

Fourteen Latches of Heaven and Earth was released on Cafe Oto's online Takuroku label. The album is a collection of fragments from the last decade or so of my thinking about harmony and performance. "J&C" was a collaboration with V Haddad; "Herr Gott, dich loben wir" was recorded with Dominic Frigo. "Choral Arrival" is a group learning of the Franciscan Salve Regina, sung at the co-incidence festival in Boston in January 2019. "Choral Arrival" is named after a phrase by Annika Finne.

Here are Fielding's notes on the album:
Derek Baron is a New York based artist whose quotidian and diaristic work quietly fizzes with creative energy. With field recordings, text-based works, chamber ensemble works, solo piano works and various other techniques, their deft hand has scribed a compelling set of both stripped-back and collage-based releases on the likes of Penultimate Press, Recital, Regional Bears and their own label 'Reading Group'. For this new release they’ve treated us to a series of musical vignettes; uncovered fragments of memories and offering us tiny glimpses into their personal world. Tender, haunting and beguiling - these works burrow deep.

Purchase from Takuroku here.

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