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Travesía / The Matrix (Full Spectrum Records, January 2023)

e 2009-2021: 27 picks (Lateral Addition, February 2022)

To the Planetarium (Montez Press Radio, April 2021 - ongoing)

371 Harmonized Chorales by JS Bach (Youtube, January-July 2021)

Cop Tears - Theodor Adorno: Piano Works (Reading Group, May 2021)

Fourteen Latches of Heaven and Earth (Takuroku, September 2020)

Curtain (Recital, August 2020)

To the Planetarium (IPR, May 2020)

The Dress of the Century (Regional Bears, October 2019)

Zoots Houston and Derek Baron - A Realistic Morning Prayer (tsss tapes, September 2019)

Permanent Six Flags - A Festival Play for the Consecration of a Stage (Reading Group, August 2019)

Recollects (Reading Group, December 2018)

split cs w/ Alec Livaditis - Terms to be avoided (Silt Editions, June 2018)

Harpist (December 2017)

Bicipital Fine - s/t (Off, September 2017)

Permanent Six Flags - Harping on Units Since Forever (Reading Group, July 2017)

Cop Tears - Thirteen Harmonies (Reading Group, November 2016)

Causings - Live on WKCR (November 2016)

real note -- July 7 [2012]- s newness. the occasional pizzicato __ july 9 - backtrack (speculations editions, September 2016)

kałduńska/welsh/punkt/baron - i first met dean (otherunwise, August 2016)

Crooked dances (Penultimate Press, June 2016)

Rothko Chapel (March 2016)

Causings - 4-Hour Body (Pan Y Rosas, February 2016)

Palmillas (Power Moves Library, September 2015)

Causings - Live on WNYU (September 2015)

The Man I Love (Freedom Garden, February 2015)